About NYKCool
NYKCool is one of the world’s largest operators of specialised reefer vessels. The fleet consists of about 40 ships of between 420,000 and 760,000 cbft which are operated in all major reefer trades — globally.

Our clients increasingly value the logistics chain to maintain the quality of their products but also to improve efficiency and to reduce costs. Being links in this chain, we add value to our customers’ businesses by continuously developing new and better services.

We are of the strong belief that this can only be done by fully understanding our customers’ businesses, and consequently realise the role we must play in order to achieve this. Focusing on the total needs of the perishables industry, we offer excellent speed of service to meet demands for worldwide logistics for perishable cargo. We seek to be a partner rather than a supplier to our customers, and we are confident that we can live up to the demands placed upon us.

Our head office, staffing around 45 specialists, is situated in the centre of Stockholm. To support our worldwide services we have offices in Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, and USA, many of which also provide terminals and cold store facilities. We also count more than 120 agents in ports around the world.

Trade scheduling for better cost efficiency

Because of seasonality and fluctuations in cargo volumes a large fleet is needed in order to produce efficient logistic patterns around the world. By finding optimal solutions to different cargo combinations, ballast passages are reduced and thanks to our short transit, times and dedicated port capacity without congestion, waiting times are minimised.

In order to further enhance the cost efficiency of our trades, we carry various dry cargoes and empty containers on return trips to the fruit growing areas. From Argentina and Uruguay, Citrus is the major commodity carried from the River Plate region to North and East Europe. We also carry citrus from South Africa and the eastern Mediterranean region to the European continent and Japan.

Mapa del Tráfico Reefer

Commercial agent at River Plate region:

Argentina: Plate Brokers S.A.
Uruguay: Multimar Uruguay