(Español) La evolución de un agente marítimo

(Español) Patricio Campbell fundó la agencia marítima Multimar hace 20 años. Exploró múltiples negocios navieros, se destaca como referente local de la actividad y llevó a su empresa al nivel de integrarla al grupo Yusen Logistics, la marca global del armador japonés NYK, línea a la que siguen representando en el país, Uruguay y Paraguay.

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Japanese label company is consolidated in the market

Statistics show that only one of 400 companies that are based in Argentina manages to survive 20 years. If the firm also operates in a category as beaten as foreign trade and logistics, merit is even greater. Who has two decades in the market is Multimar. Patrick Campbell, the creator and president, brings 35 years of experience in the maritime sector.

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Ethics and Compliance Certification: second edition begins in Abril 2015

M. Neustadt & Associates, invites you yo know the Ethics and Compliance Certification Program. This programa wea developed by Argentine Association of Ethics and Compliance and is dictacted in CEMA Unversity. This program has already certificated 80 professionals through 2014, with a very high level of satisfaction.

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Ethics and Compliance Certification: second edition begins in September 2014

Dear Customers. The second edition of the most important ethics and compliance program in Argentina has been launched and begins in September 2014. This Certification Program in Ethics and Compliance has technical support from the University of CEMA and the Ethics & Compliance Argentine Association, plus the support of dozens of organizations, expert professional services firms, various institutions, specialized forums, companies -among...

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Regional Week – Brazil 2013

Towards the end of 2013, took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Regional Week. It was attended by representatives of the countries in which operates NYK.

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