M. Neustadt & Associates, invites you yo know the Ethics and Compliance Certification Program. This programa wea developed by Argentine Association of Ethics and Compliance and is dictacted in CEMA Unversity. This program has already certificated 80 professionals through 2014, with a very high level of satisfaction.


Besides, it adds the support of many organizations, expert professional services firms, various institutions, specialized forums, -within companies which are NYK Group Multimar and companies belonging to this group entrepreneur as: Maritime Agency Multimar – Plate Brokers – Yusen Logistics- and essentially has a prestigious body of teachers that has been carefully selected for each of the areas of knowledge.

The third edition will take place in April 2015. Vacancies are limited.


The program, in addition to its valuable content, is distinguished by relying on 3 pillars as a methodology to incorporate dynamic and valuable knowledge in the field:

  • While not neglecting the conceptual, it has a high PRACTICAL CONTENT
  • Relevant with INTERNATIONAL LAW and the necessary component of LOCAL REGULATIONS
  • Meetings between colleagues where there will be a necessary and enriching debate on each item

The objective of the certification is to promote the compliance and ethical behavior through the actions of professionals increasingly qualified in the field. In addition, the certification:

  • Improves the credibility of the holders of the certificates within their organizations and among their peers.
  • Encourages continued personal and professional growth in the practice of ethics and compliance.
  • Provides a standard of knowledge required for certification.


To suscribe to third edition, enter www.ucema.edu.ar/cec-certificacion.


Click on the image to download the most recent updated program (22/12/2014) »



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