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The second edition of the most important ethics and compliance program in Argentina has been launched and begins in September 2014.

This Certification Program in Ethics and Compliance has technical support from the University of CEMA and the Ethics & Compliance Argentine Association, plus the support of dozens of organizations, expert professional services firms, various institutions, specialized forums, companies -among which is Multimar NYK group and the companies belonging to this group: Agencia Marítima Multimar – Plate Brokers – Yusen Logistics- and essentially has a prestigious body of teachers who have been carefully selected for each of the knowledge areas.

The first edition of this program had 40 students from different industries and sectors, but with great predominance of national and international companies -mostly linked to foreign trade-, all of which demonstrates the wide interest in Ethics and Compliance.

The comments received from students have exceeded expectations in terms of quality and depth of knowledge imparted, although this has been noticed during extended by the level of support, interest and participation of all.

After giving the appropriate examination satisfactorily, the first batch of “Compliance Officers” certificates will receive their diplomas on 7 August this year.

The Argentine Association of Ethics and Compliance (AAEC) is a nongovernmental nonprofit organization, which was created in response to the need to create in the field of Argentina an area of ​​study and promotion of best practices. It is the first institution of its kind in the country and also in Latin America, and the only legally constituted as a Civil Association.

The program, in addition to its valuable content, is distinguished by relying on 3 pillars as a methodology to incorporate dynamic and valuable knowledge in the field:

  • While not neglecting the conceptual, it has a high PRACTICAL CONTENT
  • Relevant with INTERNATIONAL LAW and the necessary component of LOCAL REGULATIONS
  • Meetings between colleagues where there will be a necessary and enriching debate on each item

The objective of the certification is to promote the compliance and ethical behavior through the actions of professionals increasingly qualified in the field. In addition, the certification:

  • Improves the credibility of the holders of the certificates within their organizations and among their peers.
  • Encourages continued personal and professional growth in the practice of ethics and compliance.
  • Provides a standard of knowledge required for certification.

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Certificación en Ética y Compliance - Begins September 2014